Recent APE Projects

APE's recent projects include;

  • An 18 month consultancy for Haas F1. APE was contracted by Ferrari to aid their client, Haas F1, as they developed their very first car for entry into the F1 series in 2016.  Latterly, the project focus shifted to the new regulations proposed for the 2017 season.
  • A comprehensive aero update package for a top-level DTM race car manufacturer.  A significant improvement in aero performance was made within a very short time scale.  The performance increase was verified in both wind tunnel and track testing.  The updated car raced in the final race of the 2014 season and then throughout the subsequent season, yielding a first driver's championship title for Pascal Wehrlein in 2015.
  • A future car design project for a large F1 team owned by a major, international, luxury and performance car brand.  The year long project was run independently from the team's own aero dept and was tasked with producing, from scratch, a completely new car design that complied with, and exploited, the revised aero regulations due for introduction in 2014. The project was heavily aero biased though significant 'whole car' design knowledge was necessary to deal with the installation of  brand new hi-tech turbo-charged engines. The design of the car formed the basis of the team's 2014 F1 challenger which went on to win both the Driver's and Constructor's F1 World Championships.
  • A road car aero update program for a world famous hyper-car manufacturer and race team.
  • A short consultancy for a American road car manufacturer. The manufacturer wanted to  'tweak' an existing production car with a view to reducing total vehicle drag whilst avoiding significant redesign or retool.
  • Numerous small aero development projects, including a 'clean sheet of paper' wind tunnel model design program, for an American race car manufacturer.
  • Responsible for all aero development for a small Formula 1 Team.  With extremely limited resources, 120pts of downforce was added to the cars for the same drag and CoP within an 8 month period.  A complete new car was designed and developed from a 'clean sheet of paper' demonstrating an in depth knowledge of aero, structures, engine installation packaging, suspension packaging, and driver packaging in order to strike the optimum engineering compromise between the competing demands. Highly effective CFD working practices were established with a third party supplier and a 50% scale windtunnel program was initiated.
  • Developing and selling novel diffuser geometries designed to comply with the new 2011 FIA F1 regulations . This project resulted in sales to two current Formula 1 teams, both of which have previously won the FIA world championship. The image below is of a 'conventional' 2011 diffuser....

  • Speculative LMP1 design project. This project was originally undertaken to gain an improved understanding of the LMP1 Le Mans regulations from an aero design perspective. The project culminated in the development of a fully surfaced LMP1 car.

  • Development of data analysis and production planning software for use before, during and after wind tunnel tests.