F1 'Clean Sheet' Complete Aero Design Project

LMP1 Le Mans sportscar aero design study

Formula 1 rear wing

Welcome to the online home of Aero Performance Engineering Ltd.

APE is an aeronautical engineering consultancy based in Oxford, England, specialising in the aerodynamic design of high performance racing cars. 

We have been involved in top level motor racing through more than twenty years of competition. Most importantly our projects are successful and have gone on to win not just races, but championships. 

Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise to develop your racing car?

If APE can be of service to you, please contact us at info@aero-performance-engineering.co.uk

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Aero Performance Engineering Limited, registered in England and Wales No 7275144.  Registered office, 15 Winchester Road, Oxford, OX2 6NA. England.